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Getting to Beirut

Travel to Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut is relatively easy. There are direct flights to Beirut from dozens of well-known European, and Middle Eastern hubs. If you need assistance booking your flight, you may contact Kurban Travel, who is managing our various logistic requirements throughout Beirut:

Dedicated email:
Dedicated phone number: +961 1 368958


U.S. and EU Citizens can obtain a visa on arrival for a stay of up to 30 days for tourist purposes. Travelers should hold return tickets, in addition to an address and phone number in Lebanon (e.g. hotel info). Due to Lebanese travel restrictions, passports must not contain any evidence of prior travel to Israel. For more information on visas, contact your local Lebanese embassy or consulate or visit here. Feel free to consult with Kurban Travel with the contact information listed above.

U.S. Citizens can enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive alerts and make it easier to locate them in case of an emergency.

Hotels + Accommodations

Beirut has been welcoming international visitors for centuries. Hotel options are plentiful, but we have blocked rooms and negotiated rates for you at several select hotels. Click Here to view hotel options and rates. In all cases, make sure to mention you are “Leena Hasbini/Waseem Hamadeh Wedding Guests” when contacting the relevant focal points. For transportation to your hotel from Beirut Airport, send your itinerary directly to and they will arrange transportation. We do not recommend taking a taxi from the airport.

If you are considering alternative options for hotels and accommodation, please note complimentary shuttle services for the wedding events will only be departing to/from our recommended hotels.

Phones & SIM Cards

Local SIM cards will be provided in your welcome bag, and include 1.75 GB of data. VOIP calling is available (FaceTime, Whatsapp, Viber etc.), with all data plans. In addition, you can make international calls at your hotel. We recommend making sure your smartphone is unlocked prior to travel to ensure functionality.

Things To Do

Lebanon is truly blessed with magnificent mountain vistas, impressive ancient ruins and authentic, hospitable people. The warm and welcoming Lebanese people are always willing to chat with you about culture and politics. Despite the civil war, the Lebanese will not let political problems overshadow their pursuit of happiness.

Once known as the Paris of the Middle East, Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut is the most liberal city in the region. The vibrant city is home to great restaurants, hotels and nightlife. This hybrid, complex culture of east and west is evident everywhere – walking among the vendors at Souk El Tayeb, Beirut’s first farmer's market, or while enjoying an aperitif or coffee and nargileh at a restaurants or boutique along Zaitunay Bay. As the city continually evolves, keen visitors also remember its past by walking the Heritage Trail, strolling the Garden of Forgiveness and flocking to the Beirut City History Museum. there’s a sense of joie de vivre and warmth not found anywhere else!

Suggested/Optional Daytime Tour of Beitteddine, and Deir El Kamar; Lunch @ Bkerzay

Explore the magnificent Beiteddine Palace, built at the beginning of the 19th century by Emir Bechir II, who reigned over Lebanon for more than 50 years. Next visit Deir el Kamar, a typical Lebanese village with its historical center, souk (market), museum, mosque & churches (Shuttle Pickup from Wedding Hotels). Lunch will be at Bkerzay, Hussein Hadid’s masterpiece restaurant in healthy Lebanese fusion

Suggested Daytime Tour of Cedars, Becharre, Kozayeh

The "Cedars of God" is one of the last vestiges of the extensive forests of the Lebanon Cedar that once thrived across Mount Lebanon in ancient times, which for millennia was exploited by the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans, and others, and which today is synonymous with Lebanon and graces its flag. Simply known as Al Arz, this UNESCO World Heritage site of nearly ~400 cedar trees is one of the most dramatically beautiful spots in the country. Just below the cedars is the town of Bcharre, the birthplace of Gibran Khalil Gibran. enjoy a tour of Al Arz and The Gibran Museum.

Suggested Daytime Tour of Jeita, Byblos, & Harissa

Start by visiting the beautiful Phoenician city of Byblos , then continue to the famous Jeita grottos with their fabulous sceneries. Lunch and ends in Harissa (one way cable-car) with a panoramic view of Jounieh Bay.

Safety and Security

Our hotel recommendations have been heavily vetted for security and privacy, and the destinations we have selected for you will not expose you to any more danger than what you might face in popular tourist destinations like Times Square or the Las Vegas Strip. Nevertheless, you still have to use common sense, watch your step and mind your mouth… just as you would in L.A., New York City, London, Paris, Brussels, Istanbul or Dubai.

Travelling Around Beirut
If you’ve been to Beirut before, you know that traffic is a nightmare and driving requires a unique combination of courage and riskiness, a passive-aggressive defensive driving style. If you don’t know what that means, don’t get behind the wheel! If this is up your alley, both global and local car rental agencies are available.

In the interest of safety and organization, we recommend you utilize the buses and shuttles we will be offering to and from our wedding events from our recommended hotels. For additional exploring you wish to do on your own, we recommend you use private hotel transport, hotel recommended taxi agencies, rental car agencies, or Uber. All are in plentiful supply.

The USD is widely accepted throughout Lebanon, and the Lebanese pound, or lira, are pegged at 1,500 Lbp to US$1. Credit Cards are widely accepted, and if you plan to use it, you should opt to be charged in US dollar.

Emergency Numbers

Red Cross / Ambulance: 140
Fire: 175
Police: 112
Civil Defense: 125
General Security: 1717

U.S. Embassy Beirut:
Telephone 4 542 600
Emergency 4 543 600
Fax+(961) 4 544 209

Hospitals in Beirut
  1. American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), Beirut, +961 1 374374
  2. Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC), Beirut, +961 1 364287

Food in Lebanon:
Water, air and soil are different in Beirut. That’s why our food tastes so good! But not all stomachs, or kitchens, are created equal. Some tourists tend to have a higher sensitivity to fruits and vegetables. That’s why packing some anti-diarrheal and your preferred medicines from home might be a good idea. All catering for our wedding is provided by companies who are as well-known for their cleanliness and hygiene as they are for their flavors. If you’re on your own and searching for the best falafel or shawarma, or want to experience other Lebanese food options, please visit our Tourism/To Do/To Eat section.

According to World Life Expectancy, an organization that uses primary data from the World Health Organization, The World Bank, UNESCO, and individual country databases to compile global health rankings, Lebanon ranks #129 when it comes to “Violence” (El Salvador ranks #1, and Japan ranks #172). Many popular tourist destinations are statistically more “violent” than Lebanon: Turkey (#109), United States (#85), Thailand (#73), Bahamas (#31), and Mexico (#15) to name a few. See for yourself!

In fact, the top 5 leading causes of death in Lebanon are (info here):


  1. Coronary Heart Disease - 44
  2. Stroke - 138
  3. Breast Cancer - 17
  4. Road Traffic Accidents - 84
  5. Prostate Cancer - 86

If you’d rather not take our word for it and prefer a more institutional perspective on safety, security and politics in Lebanon, please visit the following:


Your Calendar

There are a lot of things on the schedule. What events should I attend?
We wanted the schedule a holistic view of the events we've planned, but the most important event for you to attend is our Wedding Celebration on Friday, August 3rd, 2018. We also have a pre-wedding Welcome Dinner on Wednesday evening, and a post-wedding “morning after” brunch on Saturday. Please join us if you can!

When should I arrive and how long should I stay?
There will be quite a few events and activities planned for the week of July 29th, so we suggest the earlier part of the week; we highly recommend arriving to Beirut by August 1st to relax, take in the sights, and adjust to the time difference. We will also be hosting a welcome dinner on August 1st. We will have scheduled events through August 4th and recommended leaving the following Sunday or Monday (August 5 or 6)

Your Stay

What will the weather be like in Beirut in August?
Beirut averages a high of 88F and a low of 76F during the month of August. A light jacket may be useful during your stay when visiting mountainous regions.

Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?
The cocktail reception will be outdoors and the wedding will be primarily indoors

Will you be accommodating any diet restrictions?
Please mark your dietary restrictions when you RSVP online.

Will you be serving alcohol at the reception?
No. In accordance with and respect of Leena and Waseem’s families' wishes, alcohol will not be served at our wedding.

Your Suitcase

Should I pack anything special?
Almost all of our wedding hotels have pools, so a bathing suit is a must! Hiking boots/comfortable sneakers would also ensure your ability to explore in comfort.

What is normal attire in Lebanon?
Pack a couple of outfits for dining out or attending events, but keep the rest of your clothing functional. There aren’t any strict dress codes in Lebanon, so don’t fret about this too much.

Does your wedding have a theme? What should I wear to the wedding?
While we don't have a specific theme, if you would like to wear complimentary attire, our colors are midnight blue, copper gold, and white cream. Dress to impress. It is Lebanon, after all 😉

Your Photos

Can I take pictures during the reception?
Yes! feel free to take as many pictures as you possibly can to help us capture the special moment at our reception venue at Biel.

What hashtag should I use for sharing photos?
Our wedding hashtag is #wasleen2018 which in Arabic, translates to “We Made It!”, feel free to use it in all of your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter posts.

If you have any questions or comments please
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